Air Conditioning

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Things always break at the worst times!  Air conditioning units are being put to the test this week with temperatures staying in the upper nineties, and the heat index being over a hundred.

Many renters live in the cities, typically rowhouses do not have more modern HVAC systems, so what is a landlord to do?

Window units are a good alternative.  They are much cheaper to purchase and install than a duct system, and can be replaced easily should they stop working.  You, the landlord will have to help with the installation, upkeep and maintenance however.

First off to save money you should buy window air conditioning units at the end of summer to save some money.  And you will need someplace to store them.

When it is time to install the units, you or your maintenance worker/handyman should install each unit.  You want to make sure that the condensation is dripping outside and that the outlets are correct for the plug.  It could cause a fire hazard it the circuit is overloaded.

When the handyman is there he should review with the tenant the best methods to keep up with the unit, cleaning the filter is a huge thing most tenants do not seem to realize needs to  be done.

The rental office should send a flyer that gives tips to keep the house cooler and the ac unit run more efficiently.  A post card, or phone call monthly or weekly to remind the tenant to clean the filter might be a good idea as well.

The installation of ceiling fans will also help rental units stay or feel cooler as the air is circulated.

Once all chance of too hot of days is over, you will need to collect all the units, label and service for the next season.

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