UPDATE from March post – Property Owner Saving Money doing own Turnover

Today’s post is mostly photos as I am really speechless. I know, really hard to believe, but true.

Back in March, on the 6th I think, I told you that you can same money on doing your turnovers yourself IF YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING. The Debacle I was using as an example just keeps getting better.
Our Property Owner, felt that he could turnover the property better for less than our estimate of $4,600.00. In March he was out-of-pocket $14,050, and still had another $2,800.00 in floor coverings to go.

It is not May 15th, the owner calls us and say everything is ready to go, flooring guy came out and everything is done, take some photos and let’s get this place rented! I should note that he did save $500.00 buy using his flooring guy, so he only spent $2,300.00 on floor coverings (so far). My husband went to the house right away, to take photos, and once he arrived called the owner. Joe asked the owner a couple of questions, did you pay this person, and have you seen the finished product. Of course our property owner said, ‘of course I paid the contractor right away, and I trust him, he does stuff for me all the time at other properties, I don’t need to check behind him…’
The property owner went on to tell Joe that he does a great job and his tenants have never said anything negative, Joe asked the property owner if he had ever asked tenants how the work went, he admitted he had not.
Well, here are some of the highlights:

The closets were not carpeted or tiled, or even the old padding taken up;

For some reason the carpet AND sheet vinyl is cut a few inches short in every room;

One of the bathrooms was forgotten,

Only one kind of real seam was made to join carpet;

This is a cleaned up job??

Shoe molding is missing;

Bubbles in the carpet, which really is hard to notice will all the brass strips used to join carpet in the middle of the rooms, halls etc,

Lack of brass strips in normal places like doorways,

Lastly the carpet is not really attached to the steps, if you are not careful you will side right down the stairs.

We had to tell the property owner, we can not list this property in this condition.  This property will not pass any sort of inspection, not to mention no one will even consider paying to live here, and I would never ask them to.

Image 37Image 31

Image 38

Image 30

Image 18

Image 26

Image 25

Image 14

Image 42

Image 29

Image 7

Image 15

Image 36

Image 17

Image 33

Image 6

Image 13

Image 27

Image 28

Image 10

Image 8

Image 9

Image 16

Image 12

Image 41

Image 11

Image 40

Image 35

Image 32

Image 39Please note these are our photos, however we did not do the work shown in them.  We have no idea who the contractor was, a “friend” of the property owner is all we are told.

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