Something small, that can pay off big…

fallen ceiling

Every month most of my tenants come to the office, they like to pay their rent in person.  Which is fine it gives me a chance to talk to them, build and keep lines of communication open.

Each month, I ask ever tenant, how everything is in their unit, to let me know, regardless of how small something may seem, if any thing at all is wrong.  And that I will have someone right out to take a look at it.  Anything that the tenant states as an issue regardless of how minor, is written on the rent receipt.  This way both the tenant and the office has a very clear record of when an issue with the property, or even a neighborhood issue, is reported.

The majority of the properties we manage are within five miles of the office.  Most often, the handyman is at their home that afternoon or in the morning, if the tenant is not available that day.

I am sure this may seem a bit extreme to some property owners, to jump whenever the tenant mentions something.  We don’t feel that way.  We are not jumping, we are using the opportunity to head off any potentially large problems.

All of the properties we either own or manage are in very good condition, and we would like to keep them that way.  These visits allow us to take care of something before it becomes serious, and allows us to inspect the unit several times a year.

We do not charge the tenant or the property owner for this visit to assess the situation.  If the problem is something that is small/easily fixed, just requires a tightening of something or slight adjustment, batteries etc., the handyman takes care of it then, it is noted in the tenant file and included in the monthly statement to the property owner.  If the problem, requires parts, or more extensive repairs, or a special skill set, (plumber, HVAC, etc.) an estimate is done at that time, and the property owner is notified if the cost of repair or replacement exceeds our agreed upon amount (usually $250.00), unless it is something that requires emergency repair.

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