Pet Deposit




Some landlords separate the amount of the deposit/s, lets say one for the property, one for pets.  They do this to increase the amount of money they never plan to return.  Here in Maryland the maximum about for a security deposit is the equivalent to two months rent period.  Most tenants do not know any better and will pay the money.  They NEED a place to live, as many landlords will not accept a pet, the tenant is willing to pay.


A problem that can arise from listing the security deposits separately, is you have a really great dog, and really bad tenants.


Let’s say that the dog had just one accident of the carpet, while he lived there, the carpet can be clean and any smell removed, it cost $100.00


However the humans that lived there were always fighting, the kicked doors in, broke windows, punched walls, and it came to $1,500.00 to fix all of this.


The landlord has listed the security deposit of $1,000.00 for the property and $500.00 for the dog.  The landlord might think he is only out $100.00, and feels that is not so bad.

In reality the tenant may take him to court for the remainder of the pet deposit, $400.00, which a judge may feel the tenant is entitled to as the lease/receipt clearly states what the deposit monies were for.


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