Saving money with tenant turnover – carpeting

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Spring is just around the corner and so is time again for people to be moving!  You have to admit it is much easier to rent a house in the spring, everything looks better, everything smells better, the house is warm, (without having to pay for heating an empty house!!), and people are just happier.  We here in Maryland are pretty lucky when it comes to winter, we have a winter-like season of winter, rarely a real winter.  As you contemplating what to do to your investment to make it a bit more profitable, and no additional work, if you are going to be replacing the carpet, give real thought to tile or sheet vinyl.  Sheet vinyl, not those peel place and stick squares, they get brittle, brake, don’t stick, cannot match if one come off and gets broken or lost.  If the area is small, ceramic time or stone might be a better option.

I know, some of you are saying, no one is going to want to have a bedroom with sheet vinyl, how will that look…  It is going to look like you are a smart property owner, is how it is going to look.  Besides paint, what is your number one replacement expense? CARPET

Most often carpet will be the biggest chunk of turn-over/repair/replace/renovate budget.  The life expectancy is like 3 years, IF the tenant takes care of it.  Oh, come on, you know it is rare for a property owner to buy and install top of the line carpet in a rental property…

Properly installed sheet vinyl or tile will last longer, need less care, and help with some other issues that arise that carpet can hide or even hinder.  Like moisture lurking there, once into the padding without proper venation, like in a closet or corner, mold will grow, rotting the flooring underneath; bugs!! those little critters love to hide in some nice dirty carpet, ants, roaches, fleas, bedbugs, as do all kinds of other things I am sure.  Smell, smell loves to get trapped in the carpet, as does dirt and germs. Yuck!

Not only are you getting rid of all that stuff, you are having the tenant take more responsibility for their surroundings, yea, (I know some never will), if they want carpet, they will get carpet remnants, throw rugs, etc., and most likely will take better care of them, because they own them,  and know you will not be replacing their rugs & carpeting.

When the tenant moves out, it will be much easier for a cleaning team to clean.  Say you have to have drywall guys out, but the carpet guy came first some how, with sheet vinyl, or tile not such a big deal, a quick mop and good as new.

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